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45-60minute Far Infrared Detox Treatment

including complimentary back scrub

mins including complimentary back scrub

including complimentary back scrub


4D Eyelash Extensions

We create handmade fans using super fine and soft 0.05mm & 0.07mm thickness lashes created by, yours truly!

Light Volume (approx 300 lashes per eye) 2D Eyelash Extensions

Each and every client will have their individual (1D) eyelash extensions custom designed to suit their natural lash & desired look.

BAI Ultimate Brow TM Experience (training price)

Your eyebrow will be made to perfection, defined with customer colour (tint) and finish with Poni cosmetic brow magic or blow power.


This treatment is specifically designed for combination oily and blemish prone skins.

For dry or dehydrate skins, allow us to replenish the hydration and rejuvenate your skin to give a lustrous and radiant appearance with vitamin B serum.

To calm redness and improve the skins tolerance assisting with the strengthening of the epidermis.

With this treatment, we offer you the opportunity to experience SKIN ADVANCE ASPECT.


Body Exfoliation plus Spray Tan

Half Body

Full Body

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