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Blissful Body Massage

Blissful Body Massage

Enhances mood, boosts energy levels, relieves stress, improves circulation, and relieves muscle tension.

Treat yourself to a combination Thai massage with a remedial or deep tissue massage that uses aromatic warm lavender oil, followed by an exfoliating back scrub and ending with a muscle- relaxing hot stone massage.

  • 60 mins                                                               $80
  • 90 mins                                                               $120
  • 120 mins                                                              $150
  • Add on: Full body scrub with sea salt           +$30



Glowing Facial treatments with Centella: Certified Organic Skin Care

We use certified organic Centella products that are a must-have inclusion to your anti-ageing routine. With extracts that are proven to stimulate elastin and collagen to keep the skin firm and healthy, your skin will glow after our facial treatments.
Prices rang $90-$130 depending on your skin’s needs.

Deep Cleansing Facial Combination with Centella

Deep Cleansing Facial Combination with Centella

Ideal For: Oily, Acne-prone, or Congested Skin
Give your skin a gentle yet thorough cleanse with our facial Combination that uses micro flower peel with AHA, stream and exfoliation. It helps to restore the skin’s vitality by aiding in detoxification, rebalancing oil flow, preventing acne and reducing the appearance of open pores. Our Camphor Synergy Skin Oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing benefits that rapidly restores skin vitality. Our deeply moisturising Centella Clay Mask enhances skin texture and continues to draw out impurities.

Hydraflore Resourcing Mask

Hydraflore Resourcing Mask
Ideal for: Hydration, Brightening, De-congestion, Tightening and Oxygenation
Give your skin an instant beauty boost with our Hydraflore Resourcing Mask that hydrates and fights signs of aging. Your complexion will regain an even luminosity with facial features appearing smoothed and skin feeling soft and supple.

Anti-Ageing Intensive Regenerating Centella Stem cell

Anti-Ageing Intensive Regenerating Centella Stem cell
Ideal for: Sun Damage and Pigmentation
Restore radiance and achieve a fresh, clear and luminous complexion in one hour with our powerful Anti-Ageing Intensive Regenerating Centella Stem cell treatment. It stimulates collagen production, regenerates and promotes healing, is anti-inflammatory, reduces free radical damage, and leaves skin smooth and glowing.


Perfect bliss


Perfect bliss ( 90 mins )

These perfectly combined treatments will put you in the most relaxed state of mind. Includes: 45 mins Massage, Back Scrub with Warm Stone Massage and Micro Facial

Beauty Flash ( 120 mins )


Beauty Flash ( 120 mins )

Let go of the daily grind and allow yourself to be pampered for a while.

Includes: 60 mins Powerful facial, 30 mins Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage, 30 mins De-Stress Foot Treatment.

Your Escape ( 2.5 hr )


Your Escape ( 2.5 hr )

Escape and revive. Take the time you deserve to indulge and let go of tension and stress. Includes: 60 mins Massage, Powerful facial, brow tidy and tint, lash tint, hands and feet nail buff and heavenly massage.



Smooth, fast and effective, get great results every time.

Smooth, fast and effective, get great results every time.

  • Brazilian waxing women 30 mins                                                                            $40
  • Brazilian waxing men 30 mins front only                                                              $50
  • Full Brazilian front and back men waxing                                                             $85
  • Brazilian and underarm LASER Women 30 mins                                               $45
  • BFull /legs laser /Brazilian/under arms/ woman 70 mins                                 $129
  • Full Brazilian man front and back 40 mins                                                            $120
  • Full back neck laser men 60 mins                                                                             $99

Lash and brow

Lash and brow

Natural, stunning and long-lasting for everyday and events.

Natural, stunning and long-lasting for everyday and events.

  • Eyebrow designed and lash tinting 30 mins                                                               $40
  • Lash lift with tint 75 mins                                                              $100
  • Lash lift combo with brow tint           $120

Eyelash extension

  • Classic 1 by 1 full/set from 90 mins -120 mins                                                              $100
  • Infill (recommended every 3 weeks) 90 mins                                                             $70
  • 2-3 D mix with Classis from 120 mins                                                          $120
  • Infill (recommended every 3 weeks) 90 mins         $85
  • Lash removal from another salon 30 mins        $30


Our Product

Our product

Centella has won an array of awards throughout Europe, and is Schmelzkopf Cosmetics’ flagship range. Due to the powerful healing properties of Centella Asiatica (a herb from Asia), Centella is not only a superior and proven anti- ageing ingredient, it also used to treat pre and post-operative scarring, stretch marks, acne, varicose veins and aid in weight loss. Since 1972, Centella has been used by medical professionals, clinicians, and therapists throughout Europe and continues to grow in popularity. Schmelzkopf Cosmetics is proud to share this revolutionary range with Australian business owners, skin therapists, and their clients while maintaining a vision to remain exclusive and available in high-end, results driven day spas, leading skin clinics and luxury retreats.

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